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Window Hardware Use
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Perhaps after the aluminum alloy was used to manufacture the window, people developed a sliding window. The sliding window has no problem with the stopper at all because the fixed state of the sash of the sliding window when opening and closing is substantially the same.

One drawback of the sliding window is that it must have at least one fixed fan, which greatly reduces the window area: Another fatal weakness is the inability to meet hermetic and watertight requirements.

Sliding window sash fixed point is the upper and lower two rails, so its wind pressure strength is also very limited. Modern buildings are increasingly demanding for energy-saving and other functions. They have strict requirements for the sealing and heat insulation of windows, airtightness and watertightness, sound insulation and wind resistance, and even the level of theft protection. In order to achieve a variety of integrated requirements, so that the inward tilt casement window, or European window.

The window type on the modern glass curtain wall building is related to the fixing method of the window frame on the curtain wall. Due to the high requirements for airtightness, watertightness and wind resistance of glass curtain walls, accessories for curtain wall windows are developed relatively independently as required.

The windows of modern buildings are not limited to human-accessible levels. Starting from the requirements of ventilation and heat removal, the height of windows is an important factor in determining the efficiency of ventilation and heat exhaustion, and people have invented various types of window openers.


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