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Coupling Type Selection When Choosing The Coupling Type, The Following Items Should Be Considered
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Coupling Type Selection When selecting the coupling type, the following items should be considered.

1 The size and nature of the required transmission torque, the requirements for cushioning and damping functions, and whether resonance may occur.

2 The degree of relative displacement of the two shaft axes due to manufacturing and assembly errors, shaft loading and thermal expansion deformation, and relative movement between components.

3 Permissible external dimensions and mounting methods, in order to facilitate the necessary operating space for assembly, adjustment and maintenance. For large couplings, disassembly and assembly should be possible without axial movement of the shaft.

In addition, the conditions of work environment, service life, lubrication, sealing, and economy should also be considered. Then, with reference to the characteristics of various types of couplings, choose a suitable type of coupling.


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