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Building Hardware Is Divided Into Five Categories According To The Scope Of Application
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Building hardware is the collective name for various accessories and devices installed on various equipment or furniture in buildings. Building hardware is divided into five categories according to the scope of application:

1 door and window hardware, including door locks, handles, latches, hinges, window hooks, door closers, doorbells, etc.;

2 furniture hardware, including various cabinet handles, corner guards, buckles, hinges, locks, etc.;

3 plumbing hardware, including various small-diameter pipe fittings, valves, traps, and exhaust valves for indoor heating and water supply;

4 bathroom hardware, including a variety of showers, water tank accessories, clothes hooks, towel racks, soap trays, handrails, tubs and facial wash nozzles, flush valves, etc.;

5 structural hardware, including a variety of round nails, wood screws, wire, metal mesh, ceiling hooks, a variety of fasteners.


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