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Bathroom Hardware Market Space Is Larger
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Large market space. There are many sets of bathroom accessories, but most of them include mirrors, toothbrush cups, tooth cup holders, soap counters, towel bars, bath towel holders, clothes hooks, paper holders, coat hooks and toilet brush holders. Sanitary ware is a necessity for people's lives. Businesses in order to win the favorite of ordinary consumers, expand market share, continue to introduce new. It is not difficult for people who often visit the building materials market to discover that there are a wide variety of products ranging from functions, styles and ideas to contemporary sanitary ware products. Consumers can choose freely according to their own preferences and can enjoy thoughtful services.

What kind of sanitary ware to buy the most cost-effective to become the most concerned about the decoration of consumers.

Sanitary ware market "deep water"

In the building materials market, the prices of some products in the sanitary ware market are very high. The discounts given by the sales staff when introducing products are often from low to high, but no specific discount space is indicated.

For example, in a well-known large-scale building materials store in Shanghai, it was found that the discount price for a brand of 990 yuan for a branded toilet was only 599 yuan, and the price for a branded one-piece toilet and bathroom cabinet was 3846 yuan. The current price was only for 1999. yuan. The discount price is only about half of the original price. Are these brands treated at a loss? Or can a business be profitable if it is halved than usual?

These phenomena make people feel that the price is not real and how deep the “water” market is.

According to industry sources, sanitary ware products are generally set by the manufacturer to the market price, but in the sales process is mainly determined by the market final price. Consumers generally shop around when they buy. If the price is too high or does not match the consumer's psychological price, it will be difficult to open the product. Therefore, in the face of fierce market competition, merchants will realistically set prices and conduct brand positioning.

Style, function, etc. result in a price difference

It is understood that different sanitary wares have little difference in texture, basic functions, etc. The main reasons for the price difference are the color, the ease of mold making, the old and new styles, and so on. According to industry sources, sanitary ware also belongs to handicrafts. The style of styles has changed rapidly. Just like any ordinary consumer goods on the market, the prices of popular products are naturally high, and it is also reasonable for the Chen Jiapin manufacturers to deal with them through big discounts. In addition, some supermarkets have launched a series of special products as the highlight of the DM mainly to drive popularity, but this product is very small and soon sold, many consumers can not really buy such ultra-low-priced products.


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