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Bathroom Hardware Maintenance
- Jun 20, 2018 -

First, the selection of hardware accessories, its model, specifications and performance to comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards, and with the choice of sanitary ware matching the use of matching.

Second, the sliding hinges on the windows should not be made of aluminum alloy materials, and stainless steel materials are better because the hardness of stainless steel is better than that of aluminum alloys.

Thirdly, the shower doors of general shower rooms are pushed and pulled. If they are sliding doors with a width of more than 1m, or double-glazed shower doors, they are more suitable for double pulleys or rolling rollers to ensure the use of shower doors. Convenient and smooth.

Fourth, care should be taken to prevent rust corrosion after installation of sanitary hardware. Lightly open and close in daily use to prevent hard opening and closing, resulting in damage.

Fifth, to install hardware with fastening screws, a metal liner must be provided. The thickness of the liner should be at least twice that of the fastener. Do not fasten on plastic profiles or use non-metallic linings.


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