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Bathroom accessories material classification
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The bathroom pendant product production material is mainly:

1. Stainless steel: It belongs to middle and low grade products. Stainless steel has good rust resistance, but because stainless steel is difficult to weld and the metal processing performance is also poor, it can only be processed in a simple manner, and the product style is relatively simple and rigid.

2. Zinc alloy: It is a low-grade material. Because the zinc alloy metal processing performance is very poor, can not be stamping molding processing, generally only casting modeling, so the base is generally more cumbersome style is obsolete. In addition, the poured product has poor surface finish, so the plating performance is not good, the coating is relatively easy to fall off, and is a relatively low-grade bathroom pendant product.

3. Aluminum: middle and low grade materials. The surface is generally oxidized or brushed and cannot be electroplated, so only Matt products can be purchased. The biggest problem with matt products is the difficulty in cleaning. Aluminum alloy products are very light weight, bending performance is not very good.

4. Copper alloys: Copper alloys are currently the best bathroom accessories materials, especially environmental protection copper as the most high-end materials. Because of its rareness and value preservation and its good metal processing properties, copper has been the material of choice for many household items since ancient times. Especially H59, H62 environmental protection copper, because of its good adhesion to the plating layer, the product finish is very good after plating, adhesion is very strong, can ensure good plating effect for more than 5 years. In addition, the alloy copper has good metal processing performance, can be stamped into different product shapes according to different dies, and has greater breakthrough and innovation in product modeling.


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