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Bag hardware production process
- Jun 20, 2018 -

1. First of all, a new product to the manufacturer's hand is to make the mold, the production of the mold is very critical, a product to the manufacturer's hands the first condition is that the manufacturers must know how to make the mold, because do not understand the production of this mold Can't determine what to do with this product

2. The second step is to put the die-casting product into the die-casting machine. Die-casting machines are divided into tonnages. Commonly used hardware and accessories for luggage are 25-ton die-casting machines. It is also very skillful to use die-casting machines to make good products. This depends on the master's technique of the press machine. When you want to control the pressure, the pressure too large products will have a lot of glitches are also very power, the pressure is too small, the product surface will appear pits, the product surface will not be smooth and uneven, so the press master must control the machine to play Good product! After the product is put out, it will be diverted.

3. Into the third step of polishing, this is the most important part of the production process of luggage hardware accessories, just like women's jewelry, glittering very bright and smooth because after a high degree of polishing and grinding, and then plating can produce such a Shiny effect, in fact, luggage hardware accessories, a pass through, with jewelry and other hardware products, many production processes are the same process, so think of things to do a very smooth and shiny is to do a good job in polishing.

4. The fourth step is the upper leg, because the product should be fixed on the bag so it must be on the wire leg. The wire is fixed on the leg to die-cast with the die-casting method. It used to press the three-ton press. Now it is changed to use the machine rig to press down and fix it, now it is all using the rig and the technology has also improved. The production tool is also changed! There is also a link that is some screws, so you have to tap a screw hole Come out, here again tapping machine tapping a screw hole out!

5. The popular point in the fifth step is to give color plating to the product! Electroplating here depends on the electroplating master's technology, first to wash the impurity in the product area, and then to give the product a bronzed thing on the bottom is a primer, the thicker the better, and then put into the plating tank plating If the plating time is too long, it will not be too short. Electroplating will complete one product and it will be racked and sent to customers.


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