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Glass Clamps

  • 90 Degree Glass Clamps

    90 Degree Glass Clamps

    Cast stainless steel 90 degree glass clamps, 90 degree glass clamps are used in a combination with wall and glass, easy fixture and beautiful. They are produced by investment casting, then do dull polishing or mirror polishing. Surface treatment will be according to our...Read More
  • Square Glass Clamps

    Square Glass Clamps

    Cast stainless steel square glass clamps, we, Jinda technology, main business is focus on investment casting, precision casting or say lost wax casting. Usually, we only provide raw casting with various material to our customers. We also can provide finished products included...Read More
  • Shower Glass Clamps

    Shower Glass Clamps

    Cast stainless steel shower glass clamps, glass door hinge, this parts are usually used in shower room, and be fixed on the glass door. Glass clamps is maybe one of the most known items in stainless steel, most glass clamps are mirror polishing, satin-finish,or raw. We mainly...Read More
  • Glass Fixing Clamps

    Glass Fixing Clamps

    Cast stainless steel glass fixing clamps, collectively knows as glass clamps. It started mainly as a CNC made product back in Europe in middle. Today the market of CNC produced ones is almost gone, as it changed all to thinking in casting instead of CNC made model.Read More
  • 10mm Glass Clamps

    10mm Glass Clamps

    Cast stainless steel glass 10mm glass clamps, it was produced by investment casting process with the material 316 or 304. as per our customer’s choice for the material. Products are usually used in connect between stainless steel columns and glass. Most of people are now...Read More
With over 15 years' experience, Jinda Technology must be your most reliable glass clamps manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to import customized glass clamps for sale from our factory.


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